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By Heidi Latsky Dance

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D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D is an immersive experience at the intersection of dance, technology, fashion, and art. Audiences wander through a "sculpture" garden where the art is alive; intimately observing and examining the many artists performing first as artifacts, then as isolated frenetic movers fixed in place, and finally as a community of soloists dancing dynamically through space.


Audiences further connect with the work with an invitation to once again to experience the gallery at their leisure, only this time with headphones equipped with Audio Augmented Reality technology powered by Google’s Creative Lab. When approaching a sculpture, the viewer will hear, in the performer’s voice, what it feels like to be on display. Audiences are encouraged at any point to become their own sculpture at designated areas in the venue. 


This project can be scaled and tailored to a presenter’s particular space and needs and can be housed in a non-traditional performance space, a gallery, a theatre, or even outdoors. There are opportunities to integrate community movers into the experience, as well as one central holographic sculpture that is viewed through Augmented Reality goggles. These additional sculptures are positioned throughout the space at different locations each night, making the work an experience one could return to again and again.


In addition to the Audio Augmented Reality technology from Google’s Creative Lab and the Augmented Reality goggles, enhancements include an accessible mobile app designed for blind and low vision audience members, and XR volumetric technology.



About Heidi Latsky Dance

Heidi Latsky Dance (HLD) is New York’s largest physically-integrated dance company on a mission to disrupt space, dismantle normal, and redefine what beauty & virtuosity look like through innovative performance and discourse. Founded in 2001, the company's work and has been considered “a milestone in contemporary dance” by Dance Magazine and has been supported by partners such as the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, Mark Morris Dance Group, Mount Sinai Hospital, Positive Exposure, and Nuvu Studio.


Guided by influential disability activists such as Simi Linton and Lawrence Carter-Long, HLD premiered GIMP in 2008. Although confrontational, GIMP garnered praise for its unapologetic nature and stimulating investigation of inclusion. GIMP toured through 2012 and was the subject of an EMMY-nominated news feature about the work.


HLD’s current portfolio, ON DISPLAY, was commissioned by the Whitney Museum, American Dance Festival, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and Peak Performances and has been performed at venues like National Portrait Gallery, Central Park, Cooper Hewitt, and the Kennedy Center. The success of the commission lead to an expansion of the social justice initiative called ON DISPLAY GLOBAL  that brings thought-provoking, community sculpture courts to over 30 countries worldwide. The initiative is supported by NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, NYU Tisch, and Disability Unite.


Currently, HLD is collaborating with Evolving Technologies Corporation and Google’s Creative Lab to build on HLD's continued commitment to creating artistic projects that prioritize disability from inception, not as an afterthought. As an extension of their captivating performances, HLD teaches a workshop to young audiences in the New York Metro area called “Defining Ourselves”;  encouraging empathy and self-reflection through creative practices.

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