By Heidi Latsky & Maya Man

Recessed  is an interactive dance experience using your web browser as the medium for staging the work. Through a series of custom coded and choreographed pop-up windows, Recessed allows viewers to reclaim the digital tools that already exist and curate their own performance. The work explores humanity's shared desire for intimacy and connection in a time of great isolation; showcasing a cast of diverse solo artists in the privacy of their homes or neighborhoods.  


Recessed was created in response to the frustrations and limitations of posting performances on traditional online platforms. The result led to the development of a custom software by Maya Man that allowed for full artistic control over various aspects of the piece, including pop-up window size, location, transitions, and timing. Rather than seeking to render movement from the stage to fit the screen, this project builds an accessible experience to be enjoyed in the digital space.

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About Heidi Latsky

Heidi Latsky’s 38-year dance career began in Montreal, Canada, continued with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, and evolved in 2001 when she founded Heidi Latsky Dance (HLD). Regarded by the New York Times as “a choreographer and dancer of uncommon intelligence and fluidity”, Latsky’s work has been featured at venues such as the American Dance Festival, Joyce Theater, High Line, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Her artistic portfolio has been supported by Creative Capital, The MAP Fund, Ford Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, and New York State Council on the Arts, among others.

In an effort to further bridge the gap between dance and disability communities, Latsky has presented keynote and speaking engagements at places such as the Culture, Health, and Wellbeing International Conference, Harvard University, Barnard College, Maxine Green Institute, Chicago Humanities Festival, and TEDxWomen. As a leader in the physically-integrated dance field and an active disability rights advocate, Latsky serves as a founding member of Dance/NYC’s Disability Dance task force, ongoing member of Dance/USA Deaf & Disability Affinity Group, and Artist Advisory Board member of Danspace Project.


Currently, Latsky is working to create accessible digital work that portrays our deeply shared experiences of isolation in a way that builds and strengthens community.

About Maya Man

Maya Man (she/her) is an artist, programmer, and dancer based in Los Angeles. Her work considers the computer screen a space for intimacy and performance, focusing on the phenomenon of translating our offline selves into on-screen content.

With over 15 years of dance experience, Maya naturally brings her own body and movement into her work in the digital world. For her projects that combine dance and code, she was recognized as one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” in 2020. Her work has been exhibited internationally online and off at places including Power Station of Art Shanghai, Museum of Art Pudong, Feral File, SIGGRAPH, and Times Square.

Maya spends most of her time making things for the world wide web, dancing in spaces online and off, and maintaining her love/hate relationship with the Internet (mostly love though) by tending to Instagram, Depop,, and TikTok often. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Computer Science and Media Studies from Pomona College in Claremont, California.


Currently, Maya is pursuing her MFA at UCLA's Design Media Arts program.