Mexico Beyond Mariachi presents: TREKKING MEXICO

Combining music, dance, and storytelling, Mexico Beyond Mariachi immerses the audience in the magical realism that is ever-present in Mexican culture, igniting their imagination and leaving them with an enhanced awareness of our global community.

In TREKKING MEXICO, students take a deep dive into folk traditions, both ancient and contemporary. This colorful educational show takes you on a Mexican expedition of historic and geographic regions through folkloric music and dance. From feeling the rumbling drums of Tenochtitlan to the sweet sounds of the stringed Jaranas of Veracruz, audiences are transported to the jungles of Tabasco and trek the mountains of Guerrero, this multimedia show will whisk you away on a joyful ride through this culturally rich republic.

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About Mexico Beyond Mariachi

Mexico Beyond Mariachi is a multi-cultural ensemble of professional musicians, actors, dancers and teaching artists whose love of Mexican traditions and way of life shines bright in every performance. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that art and culture are an integral part of the development of every individual’s outlook on life. Personal engagement, community experiences, and the celebration of commonality are themes Mexico Beyond Mariachi bring to our shows as well as to our extensive arts-in-education offerings (residencies, workshops, and lecture demonstrations).

Mexico Beyond Mariachi was founded in 2005 in New York City and was quickly established as one of the leading providers of Mexican performance and education programs for young people and families in the New York Tri-State area. Every year, Mexico Beyond Mariachi performs in dozens of schools, theatres, and museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museo del Barrio, Queens Theater, New Jersey State Museum, Newark Museum, and more.     


In addition to our legacy of arts-in-education offerings, Mexico Beyond Mariachi also offers two theatrical productions, Trekking Mexico: Heartbeat of a Culture and our feature-length production SUGAR SKULL! A Dia de los Muertos Musical Adventure, which successfully performed 71 performances in 30 cities across the USA in fall 2019 and will be on the road again in fall 2020.