A VIRTUAL Día de Muertos Adventure

SUGAR SKULL! A Virtual Día de Muertos Adventure is inspired by the successful live touring family & children’s show, SUGAR SKULL! A Día de Muertos Musical Adventure. 

Specifically created for the virtual platform, with a new script, and additional creative partners to facilitate the leap into this new territory, SUGAR SKULL! A Virtual Día de Muertos Adventure is a captivating theatrical experience for the times that celebrates  Day of the Dead, a traditional holiday that transcends borders.

Join Sugar Skull, a charismatic candy skeleton, as he follows the music towards the ultimate party! He is spurred on by the tricky Chaneques, who desperately want him to be the centerpiece on their ofrenda. Along the path, Sugar Skull meets many colorful characters who teach him how Day of the Dead is much more than a party — it is a celebration of life!



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