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Tablao Flamenco

Live performances tailored to any space to recreate an authentic flamenco club experience.

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Experience the magnetic energy of flamenco like you’ve never seen before. Tablao Flamenco brings a fresh approach to a night of flamenco, transforming the theatre into an intimate nightclub like those found in Andalusia, Spain. Enjoy an evening of dynamic performance, improvisation, and passionate music delivered by a cast of the most sought-after award-winning flamenco artists in the U.S. & Europe. Tablao Flamenco is as authentic as it gets without renewing your passport.

Rhythm of the Arts works intimately with the presenter's marketing team to develop a strategy to effectively connect with the Latinx community and audiences.

This show is an artist-driven performance co-created and produced by Blumenthal Performing Arts & Rhythm of the Arts.


"After many years of occasionally presenting flamenco programs, Blumenthal set out to host club-style flamenco shows as would be found in Spain, but are rarely seen in the US.  We found the perfect partners in Rhythm of the Arts who had the deep contacts and experience needed to create Tablao Flamenco.  Leah and Peter have helped us grow our audience and number of performances by creating something remarkable in Tablao Flamenco. Being able to see exceptional artists up close heightens the power and passion that makes these performances spell-binding for audiences."

-Tom Gabbard, CEO, Blumenthal Performing Arts

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