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Agua es Vida/Water is Life


Produced by Rhythm of the Arts

Written by David González with Cecilia Macuilxochitl Ortega

Dance & Music by Mexico Beyond Mariachi

“Why is there fire in the woods? Where did the water go?” The world is out of balance, and we must work together to bring the world, and ourselves, back into balance. Our Indigenous storyteller, Cecilia, guides us on a journey that starts with the magical Danzante and leads to an impossible challenge. Or is it? All along the way dancers and musicians from all parts of Mexico bring their glorious traditions to life. Featuring dances from Veracruz, Guerrero, Michoacán, and more, Agua Es Vida is a dance and storytelling adventure that celebrates Mexican culture with ALEGRIA!

Video with English Subtitles

Study Guide

Meshica Dance | Danza de los Meshica

Join Ceci as she teaches you how to dance the ceremonial dance of the Meshica. Learn more about the instruments and have fun!

Meshica Dance
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